And we’re back!

The Science Creative Quarterly (SCQ) is not a quarterly, but instead publishes new material at a non-linear rate. It seeks science writing of any genre and if you’d like to contribute, please do check out our submissions guidelines.

The Science Creative Quarterly (SCQ) has a single print edition so far (half SCQ pieces, and half fake science journal – see here for more details). The theme for our second print edition will revolve around the science of Harry Potter. Like before, this will also include some of our newer favourite creative pieces, so if you want to get in on this action and get your name in a (sort of) scientific journal, then do submit. Also, badges?



I got this letter the other day and it’s awesome! I thought I would try my best to answer these great COVID-19 questions. Thanks Alaina! 1. Where does the virus actually come from? Right now, the best answer is likely from one of these: Yup, a bat. But how it changed from a virus that infects bats to one that infects humans is still not really known. However, this sort of thing has happened before and the science word for it is zoonosis. This is where a disease which would normally only infect an animal (in this case a bat),…

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